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Geoff Ainscow – Project Director

In 2008 Geoff retired after a 40 year engineering and management career in Silicon Valley. He concluded his working career as an independent business consultant focusing on professional facilitation and strategic planning. In parallel to his working career, Geoff’s interest in the human maturation process and our relationship to the Earth moved him to volunteer for many non-profit organizations. He was a member of the deployment team for the WTT at HP. When the Walk was gifted to the Foundation for Global Community in Palo Alto, Geoff volunteered to coordinate the distribution of the Walk for the foundation and later transferred it to the Hero’s Journey Foundation. Today, Geoff’s passion is to spread the story of the universe as the basis for the new thinking needed to address the many crises facing humanity and our home, the Earth. Geoff and Fred Adam are co-founders of the project to develop the WTT app.

Fred Adam – Artistic Director

Fred Adam was born in France in 1968. At the age of 6 an unusual experience happened to Fred during medical treatment under the influence of morphine. “A very strange structure was spinning in front of my eyes, later I discovered that I was really looking, for the first time, at human skin through a microscope”. This triggered his lifelong interest in art and form. After completing college with a Masters degree in Art he designed multimedia audiovisual interactive experiments, artistic workshops and online applications. He is a specialist in “Locative Media”  creating apps at and using mobile smart phones at the GPS MUSEUM laboratory to teach art in various universities. His art career as a member of TransnationalTemps, has combined the fields of art, technology and ecology to produce exhibits around Europe and win various awards. Full profile at

Raoul Schuhmacher – Translator

Raoul has been living in California since 1995 after moving here from Germany, and met Geoff while working at HP in Palo Alto. His career has been Information Technology and he will be transitioning into a new role with Gilead Sciences in January 2012, after having worked at Electronic Arts in Redwood City, and previously HP in Germany and the US. When Geoff considered using the 52 panel German WTT version as basis for the WTT app, Raoul offered to help with the translation back into English.

Larry Edwards – Science Director

After receiving a Ph. D. in chemical-physics at Harvard University, Lawrence Edwards moved with his family to Beirut, Lebanon, where for several years he taught chemistry at the American University of Beirut. Upon returning to the USA he taught chemistry at the California State University at Northridge and was a research fellow in geochemistry at the California Institute of Technology, before moving to the National Science Foundation. In 1990 Larry was inspired by a talk by Sr. Miriam MacGillis, founder of Genesis Farm in Blairstown, N.J., to read Thomas Berry’s book, The Dream of the Earth, and attend several programs at Genesis Farm. Larry and his wife, Jean, soon left their jobs in Washington, D.C. and moved to Genesis Farm to learn and teach the implications of our modern understandings of the history of the Universe/Earth. Since then Larry has been teaching the Universe Story (aka, Epic of Evolution, Great Story, Deep History, Big History) at Genesis Farm as well as at the California Institute of Integral Studies, University of Creation Spirituality, Wisdom University, University of San Francisco, the Dominican ecocentre, An Tairseach, in Wicklow, Ireland, and in various smaller venues.

Kat Snow – Editor, Script Writer, Narrator

Kat Snow is a 25-year veteran public radio reporter and editor who is currently finishing a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies. As a public radio journalist, Kat won numerous awards for reporting and editing stories and documentaries on a wide range of topics, including the environment, mental health, and government. Kat is a former fellow of the Bill Lane Center for the Study of the North American West at Stanford University, where she developed a 10-part series for KQED radio on how climate change could affect California’s water supply. Kat fell in love with the story of the universe and the evolution of Gaia studying with cosmologist Brian Swimme at CIIS in San Francisco and with biologist and Gaia theorist Stephan Harding at Schumacher College in England. Along with her work on the Walk Through Time, Kat is currently developing a narrated 4.6 mile walk that takes people through the evolution of earth with stories, poems, music, and embodiment practices. She is also editing a book on reincarnation and the metaphysical explanation for the existence of transphysical worlds. After completing her Master’s in spring 2012, Kat plans to continue working on the Walk Through Time and developing a business as an editor and writing coach for books on cosmology and consciousness.

Mike Babel – Editor, Script Writer, Narrator

Michael moved west in 2005 after ten years in New York City working professionally in the entertainment industry, theatre, film, and television. The last seven years his time has been divided between working with various NGO’s and International relief organizations, and graduate school in San Francisco. His international work has focused on disaster relief and community building projects, literacy projects in Africa, and a peace initiative in Indonesia. Back home he has a health and wellness business, focused on holistic healing through therapeutic touch and energy work. As a writer he’s completing a book on Conscious Love, Radical Monogamy, and Other Unusual Relationships, focusing on the future of intimacy and partnership. Most recently he completed his masters degree in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness, which is where his real passion lies. The evolution of consciousness, re-enchanting the Cosmos, reminding one another we are all Stardust and on this great journey together. He believes feeling into that truth will transform the world.

Richard Wormstall – Musician and Composer

Richard Wormstall grew up in West Germany, in the town of Stuttgart, and moved to the U.S. at the age of 21.  Richard completed a BA in Psychology at UCLA, after which he went on to earn a MA in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and is currently a PhD candidate in CIIS|PCC. Richard has been deeply influenced by the cosmological narrative of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who, above all, discerned a beating heart of the evolving cosmos. With the intention of bringing into contemporary consciousness an epistemology of enchantment—a view that is based on the assumption that there is a deeper connecting principle to reality—he has taught classes at CIIS, presented at IONS, and participated in the curriculum development of the World View Literacy Project. As a musician with 20+ years of experience, Richard continually explores the cosmological significance of music to enchant the soul, focuses his dissertation on the power of music to reconnect to the Cosmos, and has composed the soundtrack for the documentary “Call of Life.” But above all, his life is dedicated to the facilitation of a new vision, particularly the “new story,” and how it can sustain a psycho/spiritual relationship to the immensity of the unfolding universe. Focusing his work on courage, wholeness, relationships as a cosmological process, affirmation, eudaimonia and the finding of one’s inner genius, and, most importantly, on the rediscovery of a deeper sense of the sacred dimensions and enchantments of life, by means of which the universe could be realized within and through each and every individual, he hopes to contribute to the making of a viable future.
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