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Birth at Hewlett Packard in 1996
The WTT was the inspiration and creation of a scientist, Sid Liebes, at Hewlett Packard Labs in California. Before retiring he was given a year to produce the walk as an exhibit of 95 colorful, illustrative panels describing the 4.6 billion years of evolution of life on Earth.
The exhibit was first displayed for a 5 day meeting of 350 HP scientists from around the world, on Earth Day 1997. HP then gifted the Walk to the Foundation for Global Community, a non-profit educational foundation in Palo Alto, California
An online version of the Walk panels can be viewed at http://www.globalcommunity.org/wtt/walk_menu/index.html

­Distribution and Book
The Foundation’s Walk Through Time project was staffed by volunteers committed to sharing the “Walk” with the world. Many organizations, museums, conferences, such as the “State of the World Forum” and the “Parliament of World Religions” used the Walk to set the context for their deliberations. At this time two more sets of the Walk were built and housed in their own trailers for distribution.  Today a total of three sets exist, one in California, a second on the East Coast of the US, and a third in Switzerland.  The WTT book, published by John Wiley, included all the panels with the addition of a narrative weaving together the story of the evolution of life.  


­Move to the Hero’s Journey Foundation
When the Foundation for Global Community closed in 2010 the rights were transferred to the Stiftung Drittes Millennium in Switzerland and distribution rights were given to the Hero’s Journey Foundation in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The iPhone Application‬
‪The Walk has now moved into the high tech age with the development of the iPhone app. This Walking Documentary project was initiated by Geoff Ainscow and Fred Adam when they met in January 2011.‬

Sample version 1.0 now available in the App Store
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